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Data Solutions

With the development of converged IP services, our clients demand greater performance from their networks than ever before. That’s the reason for an IP-VPN Service. It's a network-based, MPLS-enabled Wide Area Network (WAN) solution that is cost efficient and offers multi-site businesses more bandwidth for the dollar, faster application deployment, lower network operating costs, and more access options than traditional WAN services.

With the power of Virtual Networking utilizing VLANs over InterGlobe’s MPLS backbone, you can tie all your offices together to share voice, data, and internet connections.

Connect all your satellite offices that have DSL connections and your larger offices that use a T1.

Purchase only the internet bandwidth all of your sites need instead of overpaying for wasted bandwidth.

Dedicate bandwidth to specific location for voice and mission critical data applications.

For additional savings add InterGlobe Communications SIP Trunking or V-Max options to take full advantage of your ehterMAX circuit. Dedicate a portion of your bandwidth to be used for VOIP applications and get rid of the need to have multiple costly leased lines for your voice and data traffic. Experience the crystal clear quality that InterGlobe‘s SIP trunking and V-Max has to offer.