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Metro Ethernet access is ideal for high-end applications, including video-conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Web Hosting. Speeds available in 5, 10 15 and 20MG.

Traditionally, companies would have to be in a fiber “lit’ building to receive the cost savings and feature-set of Metro Ethernet. EtherMax can connect you to the internet and/or to the world!

EtherMAX is an outstanding new product that will allow more clients’ access to higher bandwidth applications at the lowest price point available.

• EtherMAX Point-to-Point.
1- Multiple locations interconnect securely over a high-speed Ethernet connection.2- Clients easily connect multiple locations together over Ethernet pipes allowing high-speed WAN connections.
3- Data never leaves the same logical network providing fast and secure throughput of data.
4- QoS (Quality of Service) allows clients to run VoIP over a WAN as if they were within the same physical network.

EtherMAX Point-to-Point with Internet.
1- Multiple locations interconnect securely over a high-speed Ethernet connection while allowing each location.
Allows multiple locations to utilize a Ethernet  connection for Internet and WAN traffic.
3- Provides reliable private and enhanced IP PORTS.
4- VLAN Technology allows your WAN and Internet traffic to be segregated, keeping your private WAN traffic away from the public Internet traffic.
5- Tremendous for redundancy. Duplicating network resources in one or more then one location allows for efficient and inexpensive disaster recovery.

• Metro Ethernet will allow companies to run high bandwidth applications in-house without the need and cost of outsourcing it. Such as:
1- Web Servers with multiple hits.
2- High usage FTP servers.
3- Large file transfers.
4- Remote Access to servers.
5- VoIP.

• Highly cost effective:
1- EtherMAX can go up to the speed of more then 13 T1s!
2- Eliminates the need for additional customer premise equipment.

• Redundancy is accomplished via multiple copper pairs   brought in from the Central Office.

• Each Ethermax circuit is individually designed based on specific customer needs.