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Data Solutions

InterGlobe telecommunications professionals work with the best carriers in the industry to provide our clients the best Internet solution at the right price.  Our expansive portfolio includes ADSL, SDSL, T1, DS3, Fast Ethernet, Gigabyte Ethernet, and our unique EtherMAX product line:

ADSL is a flexible offering that allows users to affordably connect to the Internet over a single wire pair.  Speeds as high as 7 mbps are available.  SDSL, or Synchronous DSL, provides Internet users with equal upload and download speeds.

T1/DS1 Internet Access is ideal for any business that requires reliable, high speed, dedicated access to the Internet.  Connectivity is at 1.54 mbps.  T1 circuits can be bonded to provide a total bandwidth of 9 mbps.

DS3/Fiber services provide dedicated service for the user with very high bandwidth requirements.  These services function from 45 mbps up to the Gigabit range

InterGlobe now offers a family of Internet services known as the EtherMAX line.  These copper based services are available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 mbps varieties and provide a cost effect option to fiber optic products.