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Long Distance


One of the world's leading industries is undergoing a revolution. Telecommunications is changing at an astounding speed, driven by the convergence of technologies.

The old barriers are breaking down. Telephone companies are being forced to compete or they will lose the monopoly in their home markets. Companies are increasingly demanding better technology, scalability, and functionality when it comes to their telecommunication needs.

Any company can sell you a VoIP based service and systems. In order to guarantee performance and maximize savings you need a carrier like InterGlobe Communications to match up the selection of products, services network design, and system implementations.

We only utilize open source platforms to build fully functional VoIP network solutions that are tailor made to each customer’s specifications.

IGC delivers the most cost-effective enterprise-class communication systems. By using standards based VoIP components, we can design and deploy exacting solutions that have all the features and capabilities of competing products from Cisco, Avaya and other equipment and software providers.

Every business needs an affordable communication solution that provides the competitive edge. Take advantage of InterGlobe’s IP MAX and start enhancing the way you do business today.

InterGlobe’s IP MAX is perfect for:

  • Multi-site companies that need a unified communications platform
  • Businesses that don't have the IT resources to support their own phone system
Unlimited Extensions, add as many extensions as you need,
  • Easy for all users, commercial and individual, to deploy
  • Is a fully featured, customizable IP PBX, allowing you (for a nominal fee) to integrate it into your current billing system, CRM, or proprietary systems delivering a more customized solution that works for your business needs.
InterGlobe Communications provides unsurpassed network solutions
  • Cost-effective enterprise-class phone systems
  • Unlimited Extensions, add as many extensions as you need.
  • Unified communication platforms – a must have for multi site companies.
  • Based on Linux, sparing the IT group the need to constantly install software patches for the Windows operating system.
  • It is VoIP Ready, Use VoIP, PSTN, or Both
  • Link up Branch offices easily and save with interofficecalling
  • Dial-By Name Directory : Lets callers find your employees by name
  • Extensive Call Center Features
  • Averages call length, Abandoned Calls , all built in reporting
  • Call Monitor and Barge
  • Mentor new employees more easily and simply.
  • Use your mouse to make transfer or put calls on hold!
IP-Max capabilities
  • Call Processing Features
  • Auto-Attendant
  • Unlimited Voicemail
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Unlimited Conference Bridge Participants
  • IVR Capabilities
  • Call Center Agents & Supervisors
  • Unlimited Call Center Queues
  • Branch Office Support
  • Zero Configuration Teleworkers
  • Single, Web-Based Admin Interface
  • VoIP (SIP) Service Providers
  • Desktop Applications
  • Manage Calls from Desktop
  • Outlook Integration
  • CRM Integration
  • Integrated, Private Instant Messaging
  • Presence (Status) of Employees
  • Hardware (Servers, Phones)
  • Standards-Based PC Server
  • Standards-Based PC Upgrades
  • Fully Redundant System Option
  • Support for Non-Proprietary IP Phones
Open platforms; allow customization to meet very specific business needs

Connecting traditional voice, video and data over ip/Ethernet/mpls networks has become an attractive alternative to running parallel voice and data networks.
Saves money on call and leased line services, while consolidating management, cutting maintenance costs, and increasing user productivity.

  • (NOC) is staffed by highly trained Engineers and Client service reps who handle any trouble from start to finish. When a trouble is identified by one of our highly trained client service reps or reported by a client, our NOC jumps into action opening a ticket and providing real time updates on all activity related to its resolution.
  • Our Network Operations Center (NOC) maintains a constant view of all InterGlobe-managed systems, which automatically generates a customer incident report and subsequent trouble ticket if an outage or issue relating to equipment is detected.