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Long Distance

InterGlobe Communications has been among the nation’s most successful Competitive Local Access Carriers since 1992.  We have offered Local, Toll, and Long Distance Services, Voice, Data, Internet Access and Integrated Services, Lines, Trunks, Circuits, Usage, and all the network components a business user requires.  Our portfolio continues to include many of the products and services that we have provided so successfully over the years, but we understand that the Telecommunications marketplace is a dynamic one.   No service provider can long survive without confronting constant change and upgrade.  We are challenged everyday to stay ahead of these changes. That is why we continue to offer advanced products and services.

Throughout this website, you will read about our products and services.   All represent change in some degree, whether we are offering a new slant on an older but still current technology, or something completely new.  An overview of the old and new is listed below.   Look at our high speed Internet access, from dial up and DSL, to Metro Ethernet and high bandwidth dedicated fiber links.  Check out our technologies to keep your businesses information flowing, from voice and data, to video and other 3G applications. Please take a look, and accept our challenge.  Call us at 1-800-MY-LOCAL (1-800-695-6225) and ask to speak with one of our Account Executives.