Business Phone System


Our most configurable and highest-performance business phone system. You can purchase our IPMAX® dedicated on-premise IP-PBX server, connect it to the internet through our InterGlobe ISP, and use VMAX® to create a system with the best performance and largest number of features – and get our white-glove customer service and support, too. You also have the option to purchase just the IPMAX® hardware from us, then configure and manage the system yourself. Intermediate configurations are possible, where you use some of your own equipment, and we provide the rest.

IPMAX® Configuration Options

Fully Managed InterGlobe System

When we provide a turnkey system, we design, install and manage all aspects of the system for you. This can include the following items and services:

  • IPMAX® Hardware: We install the IPMAX® on your premises
  • Phones: We provide the phones
  • Internet: We connect to the internet through our InterGlobe ISP
  • Voice Service: We provide VMAX® voice service with IPMAX® features
  • User Interface: We provide our proprietary graphical user interface
  • Managed System: We manage the system remotely

Partially Managed System

Choose a configuration that works best for you and the way you do business. You can save money by using equipment you already own, such as phones and cabling, and have us provide all other components. Or use your own voice service and internet provider, but have us supply all hardware. The IPMAX® system is extremely flexible, and we will configure it to suit your needs. Select items from the list below that you want to provide, and we’ll be happy to supply the rest.

  • IPMAX® Hardware: located on your premises, and purchased by you
  • Phones: InterGlobe provides – or – you provide
  • Internet Connection: InterGlobe provides – or – you provide
  • Voice Service: InterGlobe provides – or – you provide
  • User Interface: InterGlobe provides – or – you provide
  • Managed System: InterGlobe manages – or – you manage system

Hardware Only Configuration

With this option, you purchase only the IPMAX®, and provide all hardware and services yourself. This option may be right for you if you already own and manage a traditional PBX system, but want to upgrade to our IPMAX® for the advanced features and VoIP benefits it makes available.

Business Phone System Features

Admin and User Web Portal

Our user-friendly interface is a web-based application that allows you to easily configure your system. Manage system wide settings and give your individual users the ability to customize settings for their own phone.

  • reset email password
  • enable “Follow Me” feature
  • define Ring Groups
  • and many more

Fully Managed

As part of the system, InterGlobe will place a Managed Router on your premises. We can then ping the router several times per minute, to make sure your system is operating correctly. If we detect an issue with your service, we will know immediately, and quickly take steps to correct it. This gives you an added layer of “peace of mind.”

Virtual Auto Attendant

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that gives callers prompts, and allows callers to use their voice or keypad tones to make responses and determine where their call is routed.


This feature will send a voicemail from your desktop phone to your email. The voicemail is sent as an audio file, for listening at your convenience.

Find-Me / Follow-Me Call Forwarding

Use this feature to set up a series of phone numbers where you might be reached. For example, you might have the call ring first on your office phone; next on your mobile phone; then on your home phone.

Advanced IVR and Call Queues

This feature allows you to set up nested levels for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and also define holding queues if you have a call center. The holding queues can be set up to give place holders in time and position.

Conference Calling

Use Conference Calling to connect 3 parties for a conference call. If you need to connect more than 3 parties, Conference Bridging is available to connect many callers on a conference call at one time.

Standard Call Routing

Use this feature to automatically route inbound calls. You can define “ring groups” to enable a specific group of extensions to ring when calls come in.

Time-Based Call Routing

Based on the time of day, you can set up “available” times to allow calls to come in, and “unavailable” times for calls to be sent straight to voicemail, a custom message, etc.

Custom Messages

You can create and save custom messages or announcements that are played for incoming calls.

Video Calling Support

The system supports video calling.

Remote Access

When away from the office, you can still access the phone system and its many features. We offer several options for remote access.

  • Mobile App: with this app installed on your cell phone, you can make personal calls on your phone as usual—but when you want to make business calls, launch the app and make calls as if you were using your desktop phone at the office.
  • Desktop Phone Portability: you can take your desktop phone anywhere, plug it into the internet, and use your phone as if you were in your office. Caller ID will show your office number. For example, you can call from Florida, but the Caller ID number will show your office number in New York.
  • Softphone from PC, Tablet or Mobile: our available softphone uses the microphone and speakers from your laptop or other device to emulate a desktop phone. When you use the softphone to make calls, it appears to others that you are calling from your office phone.

Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting

This feature allows Admins to request Call Detail for any user, either in real time or as a batch report.

BYOB (Bring Your Own Bandwidth)

You can connect to the internet through our InterGlobe ISP, or use your own third party ISP and our InterGlobe phone equipment to handle your inbound and outbound calling.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

You can use your phone equipment over our InterGlobe data circuit.

E911 Support & Compliant Network

Our system provides for 911 emergency calling. (If our VoIP service is interrupted, however, 911 emergency calls must be made from a copper landline or a cell phone.)

Call Recording

You can choose to record and store all incoming and outgoing calls. With Hosted VMAX™, calls are stored in the cloud for 30 days; if you want to store calls for longer periods of time, you can download them to a device for long-term storage.

Call Centers

You can set up a call center to handle volume calls, complete with queues to place callers on hold until an available agent can take the call.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

The IPMAX® keeps track of all calls, and statistics about calls. Analytical reporting is available about calls for the entire system, and for individual users.

Third-Party Apps

Because software for the IPMAX® is open source and ODBC compliant, you can integrate most third-party apps for added functionality with your system. Examples include:

  • Flash Operator Panel: this service runs on Admin or Receptionist desktop displays, giving users the ability to see who is on the phone, transfer calls, etc.
  • Asterisk Reporting: provides in-depth queue reporting.
  • CRM Platforms: most Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are supported, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, Sugar etc.

Call Recording

You can choose to record and store all incoming and outgoing calls. With Hybrid Hosted VMAX™ and IPMAX®, calls are stored on the IPMAX® server indefinitely until erased.

Call Whisper

One employee can speak to another employee without the third party hearing the comment. Great for training purposes.

Call Snoop

The ability to listen in on another user’s conversation without the user’s knowledge.

Call Barge

The ability to break into a call between another user and a third party.

Battery Backup

A battery provides power to the IPMAX® server if a power failure occurs on site. Battery power will last approximately 30 minutes, after which phones will no longer be powered.

Industry Leading Security

Our proprietary built-in firewall on the IPMAX® server secures all calls, inbound and outbound. We position the IPMAX® in front of your own firewall, which helps protect your internal network.

Multi-Site Support

You don’t need a separate IPMAX® for each of your business sites. InterGlobe can save you money by tying multiple locations together using a single IPMAX® at a central location. Each external office connects to the central IPMAX®.

Proprietary Software

We can customize our software to fit your needs. We will make changes for free when we install the system. If you enroll in our maintenance contract (free during the first year, monthly fee thereafter) while you’re enrolled we won’t charge a “change cost fee” to customize our software, or an annual licensing fee to maintain that change.

Physical Size

Our IPMAX® server is available in different sizes. The smallest is ideal for less than 30 users; the largest will support thousands of users.

Stand-Alone and Rack Mount

Our IPMAX® servers are available as stand-alone units. We also have a rack mount version, which you can use if you have an equipment closet.

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