Case Study

Medical Facility

Upgrading a medical facility with 9 locations to InterGlobe’s IPMAX® phone system, improving the reliability of their network and unifying their billing.

A Medical Facility with nine locations throughout New Jersey needed better voice and data services.

They contacted InterGlobe and asked us for a phone system that would connect all nine locations together, and provide secure exchange of data and calls. They also wanted better efficiency: their existing phone system was routing calls improperly, and losing up to 30 calls per day.

We analyzed their needs and installed our IPMAX® business phone system. With our design, calls to their call center were routed much more effectively. We showed the client how to verify this using Call Center Analytics, one of the many features included with the IPMAX® system. Lost calls were no longer a problem.

Our IPMAX® gave them more efficient communications as well, because their system was easier to use. With 4-Digit Dialing they could reach anyone, in any location.

Security is of prime importance in the healthcare industry. To ensure that our client’s system safeguarded patient information to meet HIPAA requirements, we provided each location with an “on-network” data circuit and implemented a VPLS for the secure exchange of data and voice calls.

Reliability was also extremely important to this client. They wanted to ensure that their system would remain up and running, with no outages. To meet this need, we gave them several layers of redundancy:

  • A primary fiber data connection was used for normal operations
  • SIP channels were used for backup data circuits and redundancy to voice
  • Copper lines were provided at each site, which gave additional redundancy

After our design was implemented, the client had 2 different ISP providers for data services and 8 POTS lines from a third provider—all redundant of each other. In the unlikely scenario that there was an outage with one ISP, the other providers would keep the client’s communications up and running.

Our client’s previous communication system had been implemented over many years, as their business had grown and locations were added. As a result, the bills they received for all of their locations and services were complex, confusing and mystifying. One of the advantages of working with InterGlobe is unified billing. We gave this client many services at multiple locations, all under one invoice—one bill, one point of contact.

To solve this client’s needs for security, reliability and efficiency, we designed a voice system built around our IPMAX® and its sophisticated features. We created data and voice circuits that gave them multiple layers of redundancy for reliability. And we were able to simplify their billing, with a single invoice that included all of their locations and services. Our team stands ready with our White Glove Service to help this client with any of their future communication needs.

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