Non-Profit Industry

A good business phone system is critical for day to day operations at non-profit organizations. The best system will streamline tasks, offer advanced features and unify communications. The right solution will also save money by being less costly than a traditional phone system.

Benefits of our voice services for non-profit

Customer Service

The non-profit industry has unique requirements for phone systems. Among the thousands of communications products available, it can be confusing to identify the best solution for your organization. Your advantage when working with InterGlobe is our White Glove Service. You’ll have a team of telecommunications professionals dedicated to your account. Our team will meet with you, learn about your requirements, and do an in-depth analysis of your system and needs. We’ll propose solutions and install a system that fits your budget and brings you to the forefront of communications technology.

Customized Setups

At InterGlobe, we provide a full range of solutions for unified communications. A small neighborhood non-profit retaining its existing phone hardware might find that our basic VMAX® Business Phone Service fits its needs perfectly. A large organization with offices in several states might want our IPMAX®, a complete IP-PBX system for the best performance. Those wishing to avoid upfront purchase costs, maintenance expenses and ongoing updates might choose one of our cloud-based systems: Hosted VMAX or Hybrid Hosted VMAX.

Feature Rich

Our business phone systems have a wealth of advanced features. You can use these features to enhance communications among staff, take advantage of the benefits of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, get detailed call reporting, and much more.


Because non-profit and not-for-profit groups change over time, our systems are scalable. You can start small, and easily add more users as your needs grow. With InterGlobe, you’ll never be locked into a communications choice that can’t keep up as your requirements change.

Proprietary Software

For optimum performance, your non-profit firm might benefit from customized changes to the software that controls your system. Because we’ve designed proprietary software for our products, we have full control over all features. If a custom change will enhance your system’s performance, we’ll make that change for free when we install the system. If you enroll in our maintenance contract (free during the first year, monthly fee thereafter), while you’re enrolled we won’t charge a “change cost fee” to customize our software or an annual licensing fee to maintain that change (as some of our competitors do).

Unified Billing

It’s easy for non-profit groups to be inundated by bills and invoices for multiple services from different carriers. To help streamline your administrative duties, we offer unified billing. We’ll give you one bill that covers everything—a single invoice, with all services listed for each location and each carrier, and every item clearly explained.


Keeping information secure is a top priority for non-profit institutions. We safeguard the privacy of your data and voice traffic with multiple layers of security, including the use of a firewall in our IPMAX® and Fail2ban intrusion prevention software. On the network level, if your non-profit has offices in more than one location, our telecommunications engineers can design private networks that directly connect multiple offices to each other and transmit data securely, but are invisible to the outside world.

Reliability (& Redundancy)

To operate effectively, non-profit institutions need dependable communications. Because reliability is critical, we make sure that you stay connected—our systems have an uptime of 99.99%. We’ll provide you with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that describes how we’ll respond in the unlikely event of an issue, and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. We can even design a redundant system by using multiple carriers for your communications – if one carrier goes down, the other will keep working.

Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP)

InterGlobe is an authorized service vendor for the Department of Homeland Security’s TSP program. If your non-profit firm meets the program’s qualifications, such as performing critical national security and emergency preparedness functions, then we can equip the circuits we install for you with a TSP code assignment. This will enable you to receive priority repair treatment for your vital voice and data circuits, in the event of an emergency. (For more information, see:

Case Study

Voice Services in Non-Profit

Learn how a non-profit group with 4 locations across the United States securely linked their offices together with a private network, improved the efficiency of their communications and simplified their billing when they selected the IPMAX® Business Phone System from InterGlobe.


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