Case Study

Minority Activist Group

Offering “One Stop Shop” skills to provide all internet services, voice phone systems, A/V conferencing and peripheral office equipment.

A non-profit group needed help with their communications system and contacted InterGlobe for assistance.

When we met at their headquarters in New York City, we asked them to help us understand their business and their communications requirements—and then we listened. This is the first step in our White Glove Service.

We learned that they had three other offices: two in California, and a third in Washington, DC. Of paramount importance was the security of sensitive information they shared among all four locations. They asked for a system that would keep their data safe as it was moving throughout the United States.

They wanted a “One Stop Shop” – a provider who could give them a complete system to handle all the services they use: internet, voice phone system, A/V conference service and peripheral office equipment. They also wanted simplified billing, with one unified invoice for the multiple services they were requesting for their four locations.

At InterGlobe we offer different levels of Business Internet Service and a range of scalable Business Phone Systems. For this client’s internet service, we provided each outlying location (in California and Washington, DC) with a data circuit backhauled to our hub in New York City. This created a private and very secure VPLS and gave the client seamless operation for data transfer throughout their company.

For crystal clear phone conversations, we set up each circuit with QoS on the client’s voice traffic, provisioned by our IPMAX® onsite PBX server, located at their New York office. With this setup, we can monitor performance on the circuits and allocate more bandwidth as necessary for clear voice reception.

We put together many components, with all locations connected by our Adtran switches, and created a system for this client that empowers them to securely use data, voice, WiFi access points, A/V conference services and other peripheral equipment. After everything was installed, we provided training for all employees.

Finally, we satisfied the client’s request for simplified billing. They receive a single invoice for the multiple services we provide at each of their locations—all on one unified and itemized bill.

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