Case Study

State Township Municipal Offices

Fixing a Township’s unreliable internet service and reducing costs to a fraction of what they were paying for their old TLS circuit.

A township in New Jersey contacted us. With seven municipal offices located throughout the township, they had two problems.

First, the internet service that they used to connect their seven locations was old and unreliable. Secondly, their outdated service was very expensive. They were looking for a quick fix, with the hope that they could save some money, too. They called InterGlobe and asked if we could solve both problems.

We began by meeting with the Township staff to learn more about their existing system. This is the beginning of our White Glove Service. Our analysis showed that their TLS fiber circuit, rated at 10 Mbps, was only producing 2Mbps at its best performance.

At InterGlobe, we offer many options for Business Internet Service. For this client, we decided that our FiMAX™ Fiber Optic Service would be an excellent choice. It’s a high speed data interface that is very cost effective.

The client agreed. We equipped them with FiMAX™, giving them fiber direct internet access. Their new service operates at 300Mbps; and with the symmetrical speeds that we provide, their upload speed is now just as fast as their download speed.
This client, as a customer in the government industry, has the option to take advantage of even more benefits from our FiMAX™ service:

  • Voice Service: We made the circuit available for voice traffic. If the client wants to move their phone service to us in the future, we can add our VMAX® Business phone Service in addition to their FiMAX™ data service.
  • Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP): As an authorized service vendor for this Department of Homeland Security program, we can equip the client’s circuit with a TSP code assignment. This enables them to receive priority repair treatment for their vital voice and data circuits, in the event of a severe outage or disaster.
  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI): To keep personal information secure, we meet the requirements of the Federal Communications Commission program and renew our certificate annually. (See:

FiMAX™ fixed the Township’s unreliable internet service and reduced the cost for their new FiMAX™ service to a fraction of what they were paying for their old TLS circuit.

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