Case Study

Famed New York City Nightclub

Taking a client from their antiquated environment and propelling them into the forefront of telecommunications technology.

Our client in the hospitality industry operates a famous nightclub in New York City.

The nightclub opened in 1940 and occupies the entirety of a four floor building that’s more than a hundred years old. The client contacted us because they wanted to streamline their services and consolidate their bills.

We began by learning about their business and how it operates, so that we could understand their unique business communication requirements. This is the first step in our White Glove Service. We found that their existing system was decades old, and totally inadequate for modern demands.

  • They had only one outdated cable circuit, crammed with their internal business operations and also used by nightclub guests for WiFi access.
  • Their internet services weren’t functioning on several of the four floors. Rewiring might help—but the age of the building would make rewiring difficult and very costly.
  • Their voice system was barely adequate for making phone calls and did not take advantage of modern telephone features.
  • They had no redundancy in their system: if their single cable circuit were interrupted, they would lose all voice and data services.

With our analysis complete, we proposed separating their internal operations from their guest services. For internal needs, we implemented an InterGlobe Hosted VMAX Business Phone System including an EtherMAX® 10Mbps dedicated voice/data circuit. This business communications system handles their computer internet access, Point of Sale system (POS), and employee WiFi. It also delivers high quality QoS voice service, which includes a full suite of advanced phone system features.

We moved their guest services to a separate, external system for patrons and guests. At InterGlobe, we offer many options for Business Internet Service. For this client, we decided that our High Speed Broadband (Coax) was an excellent choice. This shared bandwidth service not only gives guests a way to access the internet during private or public functions—it also provides redundant services for both data and voice in the event of an interruption on one circuit.

We did all of this without rewiring every floor of the building. Instead, we brought service to one central point, and then installed wireless Wi-Fi Access Points on the other three floors. Each employee or guest now has uninterrupted service, no matter where they are located in the building.

We’ve given this customer multiple services that streamline their operations, all on one unified invoice for ease of billing. We took the client from their antiquated environment, and propelled them into the forefront of telecommunications technology. Their building might be old—but you’ll never know it when you communicate with them now.

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